Fitness & Bodybuilding Experience

Since 2007, Joel DuBose has traveled the world to seek knowledge and training from some of the most impressive figures in the history of bodybuilding. The following are some of the legends he has met and trained with to gain their expertise, secrets, and guidance:


BENJAMIN PAKULSKI (aka “PakMan”) – Tampa, FL

  • Creator of the top selling muscle program: MI40
  • Has an Honors degree in Kinesiology. Frequently teaches seminars and fitness athletes around the world
  • First Pro Bodybuilder in history to speak at the International Society of Sports Nutrition, without having a Ph. D or medical degree
  • The only bodybuilder to appear on the cover of Muscle Insider without having won a Mr. Olympia

FRANCO COLUMBU (aka “The Sardinian Strongman”)—Los Angeles, CA

  • Two-time Mr. Olympia
  • World’s Strongest Bodybuilder
  • Italy’s Boxing Champion
  • Has a Ph.D. in Nutrition
  • Is a chiropractor who serves on the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Joel DuBose Lou Ferrigno

LOU FERRIGNO (aka “The Hulk”)—Santa Monica, CA

  • Played The Hulk on the hit television show The Incredible Hulk
  • Two-time Mr. Universe, one-time Mr. America, and runner up to Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Mr. Olympia competition
  • Competed in the first World's Strongest Man competition
  • Has been called the world’s largest bodybuilder

LEE HANEY (aka “Total-Lee Awesome”)—Atlanta, GA

  • Mr. Olympia a whopping eight times (see trophies above)
  • Statistically the greatest bodybuilder to ever grace the stage
  • Known for his humility, love for others, and of course, his smile
  • Served on the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

MILOS SARCEV (aka “The Trainer of Champions”)—Fullerton, CA

  • Mr. Universe
  • Has trained an impressive list of students for multiple championships, including eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman and four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler
  • Has appeared on more bodybuilding magazine covers than Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Holds the record of “Most Contests Ever Entered” as a bodybuilder (74 shows, not including amateur appearances); no one has broken this record since he became a pro in 1988

FRANK ZANE (aka “The Chemist”)—San Diego, CA

  • Three-time Mr. Olympia
  • One of only three people to beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in competition
  • Considered by many to have the perfect body
  • Received the Arnold Schwarzenegger lifetime achievement award at the Arnold Classic for his dedication to and long-time support of the sport of bodybuilding

LARRY SCOTT (aka “The Golden Boy”)—Salt Lake City, UT

  • Won the first two Mr. Olympia competitions ever held in 1965 and 1966
  • The first bodybuilder to win Mr. America, Mr. Universe, and Mr. Olympia
  • Had the greatest arms of all time, according to Arnold Schwarzenegger