How to Stay Safe in A Gym: COVID-19 Safety Precautions

How to Stay Safe in A Gym: COVID-19 Safety Precautions

By DuBose Fitness

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that gyms can be dangerous environments and are often super spreaders of the COVID-19, flu, and other viruses. During work outs many people touch machines, weights, doorknobs, and exercise equipment, in addition to being exposed to many others who are exercising with heavy breathing in an enclosed environment. COVID-19 can be an aerosol when people are working out and breathing hot breath. The virus, like the flu, can remain in the air for hours and has the potential of being spread throughout the gym by the ventilation system.

At DuBose Fitness, we have implemented research-based procedures to create a safer gym environment. After carefully examining the science of COVID-19 and how easily it spreads, the following extra precautions were implemented to protect clients from being exposed to the virus and other germs. These are some issues you may want to consider if you are visiting a gym.

Limited Number of Humans in the Gym: Only the personal trainer, Joel DuBose, and the person being trained is allowed in the gym at one time. Most gyms may allow up to 100 clients in the gym which increases the likelihood of spreading harmful germs.

Delays in Entering DuBose Fitness: Clients stay in their car until the previous customer has left to avoid being exposed to another person.

Temperature Checks: While there is mixed research about the effectiveness, head temperatures are checked using a professional, infrared touchless device as an added precaution. Clients may not know they are running a abnormal temperature which can be a sign they are sick.

Equipment Cleaning: Gym equipment is cleaned after each client’s workout to kill any germs that may linger on touch points. Clients sanitize their hands with alcohol (or wash their hands vigorously for 20 seconds) when entering and leaving the facility.

Wearing Masks: Face coverings are required of everyone when entering the facility, throughout workouts, and when customers leave.

Disinfecting the Environment and Installation of Germ-Resistant Hardware: When clients arrive, Joel DuBose will open the door. Germ-resistant handles were installed on all doors, such as dressing areas and bathrooms, within the gym.

Social Distancing: Joel DuBose stays 6 or more feet from clients to avoid transmission of the virus. He is also extra careful following the CDC recommendations when he is in or away from the facility.

New Germ-Killing Equipment: The REME HALO® UV commercial in-duct HVAC air equipment was installed through Cassell Brothers Company. It is capable of purifying air that the Trane central air conditioning system reaches. It is designed to reduce particulates, viruses, molds, microbial, gases, odors, pollens, spores, and air pollutants. Invented to recreate nature’s process of purifying the air, it is like bringing fresh outdoor air inside. In addition, the UV germicidal light sterilizer which projects UV rays into the gym to kill most germs and viruses was installed.


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