Developing Your Custom Workout Program

Every person is different...shouldn’t every fitness program be, too? Our personal fitness training plans are custom-designed by certified personal trainers, helping our clients to meet their individual goals, including increased muscularity, strength and performance, fat loss, and overall improved health.

To prepare your individualized physical fitness plan, we’ll first call you to discuss your needs and options. Then, before any fitness training takes place, we will meet with you to evaluate the following points:

  • Measurable goals
  • Age and current body condition
  • Motivation, attitude, and commitment levels
  • Previous personal training and nutritional regimes
  • Diet, sleep habits, and stress levels
  • Strenghts and opportunities for improvement
  • Supplemental and vitamin needs
  • Genetic predispositions and family history
  • Health concerns and pre-existing conditions

Once we understand your background, needs, and goals, we will design a comprehensive personal fitness program to help you create the body you’ve always wanted. We begin by teaching you the correct techniques and cues for each exercise; then, progress at a moderate but effective pace. As explained in our published article “The Dangers of Hiring the Wrong Personal Trainer,” exercise can be dangerous if done incorrectly, but we’ll apply our extensive fitness training knowledge and experience to ensure you exercise safely and with proper form.

The best part: your initial health assessment and first set of 10 one-hour workout sessions will cost only $199!

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