How our Virtual Personal Training Works 

    Through virtual fitness training and consultation, you can get advice from certified personal trainer Joel DuBose nearly anywhere—and on any topic you choose. Some of our customers utilize Skype or phone consultations to discuss their fitness training goals and progress with us. Others like to perform bodybuilding workouts over Skype so we can observe their form and provide suggestions on maximizing their results. We can also demonstrate new exercises that can make athletic training more challenging and effective. Clients even Skype with us at in the grocery store so we can make nutritional diet recommendations! With virtual personal training, the possibilities are literally endless.

    After you contact us, we will conduct a free health assessment with you to ensure that our virtual fitness services meet your needs. If you are accepted as a client with DuBose Fitness Center, we will send you information outlining our services and the details of our partnership.

    We offer 30 and 60-minute virtual personal trainer consultations on the following topics:

    • Personal training advice for maximum growth
    • Bodybuilding routines, nutritional plans, and fat-loss strategies
    • Weight-loss methods
    • Preparation for bodybuilding and fitness competitions
    • Personal fitness testing
    • Health assessments
    • Ongoing education on nutritional and dietary supplements

    We can also customize online virtual or telephone consultations for you in other areas of fitness, nutrition, and supplementation upon request.




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