Signing up for personal training can be daunting, which is why we offer a simple, affordable, flexible package plan that suits any lifestyle.

    Why We Don’t Believe in Long-Term Contracts

    Here at DuBose Fitness, we believe that the emphasis should be on your training progress, not your wallet! Rather than tie you down with a year-long contract or extended membership, we want to focus on what’s going to work for your personal fitness and health goals. 

    By offering a package system, we help our clients avoid the dread and feeling of obligation often associated with a gym membership while keeping them motivated to work towards a healthier lifestyle.

    Pricing Information

    Our pricing structure is simple! For only $20 an hour, you’ll receive a fitness program made for YOU!

    • $20/Hour: Minimum of ten, one-hour session package. 
    • Free health assessment required. 
    • No Gym Membership Required.


    Start Your Fitness Journey Today!