Why DFC?

Ten Reasons to Choose DuBose Fitness Center

The marketplace is full of personal trainers who claim they can help you build the great body you’ve always wanted. We have the training, education, and knowledge here at DuBose Fitness Center to help you meet your fitness goals, but there are also several key factors that set us apart from the rest. Also, be sure to check out our article, Are Gym Memberships Worth It? Here are ten reasons that DuBose Fitness Center is different from the competition—and why they matter to you:

  • We offer unparalleled privacy: Unlike public gyms, where you may have to wait in line for equipment or experience the stares of strangers, we only train one person at a time in our private gym. Our modern, 1,200 square-foot facility contains all the equipment you need to develop your entire body in peace and quiet—without the hassle of sharing equipment and space with others.
  • We’re passionate about helping you: We love what we do, and we’re driven to achieve our purpose: “to create opportunities to improve lives.” To us, you’re not just a client: you’re our partner in improving your health, confidence, and well-being.
  • We give you the information and support you need—in terms you’ll understand: The entire time you’re training with us, we carefully monitor, motivate, and guide you in a friendly way. We make training fun and rewarding! We’ll not only illustrate the proper techniques for each exercise for you, but also explain why they help you and how they impact your body. You’ll be trained by the same professional each time, so you’ll feel comfortable and at ease working with someone who knows you, your body, and your goals.
  • We know the science behind maximizing success and minimizing injuries: It’s not how much exercise that generates the best results; rather, it’s the techniques you use. If you’re performing movements using incorrect form, you’re much more likely to harm yourself. We have studied the human body extensively and know how all of the parts interact with each other. We’ll apply this knowledge when assessing your needs and develop a customized training program that will exceed your expectations.
  • Our prices are fair: Our hourly rate is half of what trainers in public gyms charge! We’re also part of a family of debt-free companies that began 30 years ago and will be around far into the future.
  • You’ll always have a good parking spot: Our gym is part of a 40,000 square-foot facility with many large parking areas. We have reserved several spaces only 20 feet from DuBose Fitness Center’s entrance for our customers, and you will be greeted at the door each time.
  • We prioritize your safety: Our gym is located in a well-lit, low-crime area next to the South Carolina FBI headquarters. We have installed cameras inside and outside of the building to monitor our grounds and ensure our staff and customers are safe.
  • We’re not just trying to make a quick buck: Although every business wants to make enough money to pay its bills, profit is not our principal motivation. We know that if we provide you with what you want when you want it and in an outstanding way, profit will follow.
  • We are customer-driven: It’s one of our primary goals for you to be completely satisfied with our services and pricing. Some companies say it; we simply do it!
  • We communicate promptly: We strive to return every call, text, and e-mail the same business day.