Signing up for personal training can be daunting, which is why we offer a simple, affordable, flexible pricing that suits any lifestyle.

    Pricing Information

    Our personal training rates are about half the costs of other gyms and personal trainers! We don’t require long-term contracts or gym memberships. And you can cancel at anytime with a 14-day notice and any unused personal training sessions will be refunded. Here’s how our program works before you begin any training.

    Initially, we conduct a free, no obligation health assessment to determine your overall needs, goals, and conditions. Joel DuBose, Personal Trainer, will contact you by telephone to conduct a confidential and detailed evaluation. If we are a good fit for each other, a face-to-face consultation and gym tour will be set up on-site at DuBose Fitness facility.

    If we mutually agree that you will benefit from our services, then we will design a personal training program tailored specially for you. This plan, which will vary according to individual circumstances, will determine how many times a month you will need to train with us for maximum benefits.

    Then, we will determine the costs of your monthly training which you will find very flexible with reasonable pricing! You don’t sign any agreements or pay for anything until we agree on the plan, the costs, and your personal training is scheduled.

    Thank you for considering our private personal training in one of the most advanced gyms in the Southeast. Call us for more information.


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