Free Fitness Apps to Try During Your Next Workout

By DuBose Fitness

It’s so convenient to have fitness trackers, calorie counters and even complete workouts at the touch of a button. While smartphone apps can help guide you in your fitness journey, they cannot match the skills and experience of certified personal trainers. These professionals know how to assess special needs such as medical conditions or injured body areas that need careful exercise routines. As an accountability partner, they also can observe your exercises to determine correct form and execution. But, if you do use an app, how do you know which ones are the best? Let’s face it – some apps aren’t worth your time or your money.

If you’re looking for a high-tech way to get your workout in gear, try one of these apps, available for download right to your mobile phone. Better yet? They’re all completely free! Check them out!


1. MyFitnessPal

Under Armour now owns MyFitnessPal, and it’s one of our all-time favorite apps. You can sign up via your social media account or create a new profile. Then, once you’re in, you can track everything from your calories consumed to the laps you swam.

Don’t know how many calories were in that Pineapple Banana Tofu Alfalfa shake you just drank? No problem! Just enter the first few letters of each food and MyFitnessPal will find it for you. Don’t just track calories, but also sodium, fat and more with the food journal.

MyFitnessPal has other great features, too. You can find your buddies on the platform and compare notes. You can post to the forum and get feedback from others with similar goals. Bored with chicken and broccoli? Check out MyFitnessPal’s healthy recipes.

Again, the app is completely free to use. It’s available for iPhone or Android, or you can access the platform on your laptop.


2. Nike + Training Club

The Nike + Training Club app is perfect in a pinch. You can download the app to your Android or iOS device, then get ready to work out!

There are currently over 100 workouts available on the Nike + Training Club app, ranging from 15 minutes to an hour. Listen as the audio guides you through the steps of your workout, and track your activity right on the app.

Not using the app to work out? You can still track your fitness. Nike + Training Club allows you to manually input your activity. Plus, you can also share that activity with friends. Nothing like a little friendly, high-tech competition, right?


3. FitBit Coach

FitBit Coach, formerly known as Fitstar Personal Trainer, has earned a 4 out of 5 star rating in the Apple App store. Have an Android? Great! The app has received 4.5 stars there!

FitBit Coach offers personalized workouts based on your body weight and other stats, and you can choose the duration of your exercise. In fact, the app offers workouts as short as seven minutes for when you’re short on time, or as long as an hour when you really want to push hard.

As you complete workouts, FitBit Coach will “up” the level of your next recommended workout. Too intense? That’s okay, too. Choose your workout based on your comfort level.

Do you appreciate a good workout soundtrack? FitBit Coach works with FitBit Radio. Exercise to pop, hip-hop or even rock classics for a bit of extra motivation.


4. Map My Fitness/Map My Run

Map My Fitness is one of the coolest fitness apps out there. To put it bluntly, tracking routes for your run (or walk or bike ride) is a pain. You need to either take to Google Maps and hope for accuracy, or get in your car and plot out a course ahead of time.

Not anymore! No matter where you live, Map My Fitness offers free, pre-plotted routes and trails that you can follow for simple fitness. In a big city like Boston, Massachusetts? You’ll find hundreds of routes. In a tiny town like South Boston, Virginia? You’ll still find user-submitted trails that are optimized for running, horseback riding and more.

Of course, as with all the best apps, you can track your trails, share your strides and even adapt your training plan to prepare you for that 5K. May My Fitness is an Under Armour product and is available – free – on Android and iOS devices.


5. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Thousands of users can’t be wrong – the 30 Day Fitness Challenge App boasts a whopping 4.9 star rating out of 5. It’s available for iPhone and Android devices, and it is, of course, free!

The premise behind the 30 Day Fitness Challenge is simple. Over the course of a month, you’ll follow exercise plans, meal plans and specific exercises designed to increase your strength, your flexibility and to improve your general health. Each workout can be done in the privacy of your home, so it’s ideal for those of you who are busy, or who are just starting toward your fitness goals.

Reviews of this app say the flexibility in scheduling is great for busy people and that the workouts force you to work many different muscle groups. No more boring squats! Vary up your at-home workouts with the 30 Day Fitness Challenge.


6. Daily Workouts

Still in the process of interviewing personal trainers? You can still get started on a daily fitness routine. Daily Workouts is available for Android and iOS devices, and offers 39 different workouts, ranging from 5 to 10 minutes long.

Better yet, you can choose the area you’d like to target. Want to give a little extra attention to your abs? Daily Workouts can do that. Your legs? Arms? Rear? You got it! Or, you can simply choose the cardio workout to add a little extra activity to your day.

While this app isn’t quite as customizable as others on this list, you’ll still find that the workouts are demanding, regardless of your fitness level. Clear videos of upbeat instructors will help keep you motivated.


Free Workout Apps

We do recommend that you get to the gym and schedule a consultation with a personal trainer. Through one-on-one work, you can achieve all your fitness goals, whether you want to climb a mountain or just improve your heart health.

When you’re strapped for time, however, these apps offer the best of the best in fitness tracking, at-home workouts and social sharing. Try one today and get on track to fitness in your spare time!

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