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DuBose Fitness Opens New Personal Training Gym In Columbia, SC

By Mike DuBose and Joel DuBose

A fresh opportunity to optimize overall health and athletic performance has arrived with the opening of DuBose Fitness at 6169 St. Andrews Road, Columbia, SC 29212. Located next to Zorba’s Restaurant in the Seven Oaks Shopping Center, the gym offers individualized instruction from certified personal trainers for adults and teenagers. Managing partner Mike DuBose said, “Unlike many over-crowded gyms, which play loud music and have long waiting periods to use equipment, DuBose Fitness offers only one-on-one personal training in a private, professional environment, allowing our clients to focus on maximizing their results.”

DuBose Fitness is the only gym in South Carolina featuring equipment from PRIME Fitness, a Pennsylvania-based company that provides gym equipment to the National Football League’s Pittsburgh Steelers. DuBose Fitness partner and personal trainer Joel DuBose said that the equipment selection was based on extensive research to determine the safest, most effective ways to train. “After visiting and interviewing the world’s leading trainers, we decided to furnish our facility with PRIME Fitness products and Watson Gym Equipment imported from England. Both of these providers have been in business for decades, and their products draw upon the latest scientific technologies to employ tension, which creates optimal strengthening results for clients,” he said.

DuBose said that he has observed individuals at other gyms using equipment incorrectly and performing exercises that are not suited to their body mechanics. He warned that these mistakes can lead to serious injuries and, in some cases, the need for surgery. “Every individual has unique training needs, which is why we conduct thorough fitness and health assessments to design exercise and nutrition programs specifically tailored to each client. Our ultimate goal is to educate, challenge, and motivate our customers while making exercise fun. This will result in developing healthy habits at an accelerated rate,” DuBose explained.

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