Why Bodybuilders and Athletes Need a Certified Personal Trainer

During his career as an athlete, bodybuilder, and high school, collegiate, and professional athletics coach, DuBose Fitness Center founder Joel DuBose has learned that everybody responds uniquely to different diets and training methods. Joel has worked with bodybuilders, figure/fitness/bikini competitors, and other types of athletes in numerous sports. He has extensive training and experience in developing safe but highly effective exercise and nutritional programs that can propel athletes and bodybuilders to new levels of success, all while protecting them from health risks that can derail their training altogether.  

Most athletes over-train, under-eat, and don’t sleep well enough to truly tap into their full fitness potential. Many also attempt to train themselves, but use weights that are too heavy, waste valuable time on exercises that aren’t built for their structure, perform workouts incorrectly, or take inferior and dangerous supplements. When it comes to bodybuilding and athletic diets, nutrition, and fitness routines, professional guidance from a certified personal trainer offers the ideal balance of progress and safety.

Specialized Bodybuilding and Sports Nutrition and Exercise Plans

We consider many factors when developing individualized training programs for athletes and bodybuilders, including:

  • Activities or sports an athlete is involved in, and if the individual is in season, pre-season, or post-season
  • Bodybuilding, figure, fitness, and/or bikini competition plans
  • Previous training and nutritional regimens
  • Age and current body condition
  • Motivation, attitude, and commitment levels
  • Sleep habits and stress levels
  • Diet and supplemental and vitamin needs
  • Genetic predispositions
  • Health concerns and conditions, including previous injuries
  • Strengths and opportunities for improvement

We begin our client-instructor relationship with a telephone interview to assess your goals and needs. Then, we create a comprehensive fitness program designed to maximize your training outcomes. We’ll teach you the correct techniques and cues for each exercise, progressing at a moderate but challenging pace and adjusting routines as needed.

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